artificial intelligence
— at the sunset october
2022 edition

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AI sunsets is a cycle of high-level sessions

It brings AI enthusiasts together and allows them to share their insights, experience, and ideas. During the sessions, the participants will be able to attend not one but three content-based activities that will allow them to dive further into the innovative worl of AI and explore what may be one of the most fundamental subjects of the next decade.

Why AI Sunsets ?


Increase Your Knowledge

It’s a great opportunity to further develop one’s knowledge about artificial intelligence with experts in of the Industry.


Don’t miss the chance to connect to other connoisseurs in this field, you’ll surround yourself with people who share the same passion as you.

Having Fun While Learning

We work hard to provide you the best experience you can have, in the most comfortable and fun space so we can get you in the best mood for learning.

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19 October 2022



Time to came in and take a seat! We ara almost starting!

Talk- AI and gaming
with JD Costa from Framedrop


With this talk, you'll dive into the world of gaming and how this area is improving with the help of AI



A quick time out to rest before getting back to work!

Workshop – Introdution to Digital Marketing
with Marco Gouveia


With Marco's help, you'll learn more about Marketing Digital and how it works. Are you ready to explore themes like Google & Social Ads and "How to set a budget to apply in digital?", and much more?

Coffee Break


A fun time to drink your coffee and recharge your batteries before our long awaited debate!

Debate- Future disease prevention: Electronic medical records as an AI-based predictive tool
with Leonardo Ricciardi


With Leonardo we will learn more about how AI is connected to Medicine, being a powerful weapon in the fight against the diseases, and how we can use it in his prevention.

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